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Your Advantages as a Jump Web Spot customer

You want a dynamic presence on the web. 

We have the tools to reach your goals!


  • No software needed
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • Edit-in-place (dynamic preview)
  • Pre-formatted page designs
  • We handle domain registration


  • Initial setup in as little as 24 hours
  • Intuitive, dynamic pages allow entry of content with ease
  • Preset content available


  • Dynamic editing 24/7
  • Many interchangeble designs available
  • Photos provided (or upload your own)

  Attract visitors

  • Marketing knowledge applied throughout the site
  • Photos are optimized for speed
  • Animated photo slideshows allow sequenced "walk thru" experience
  • Strict adherance to internet protocol means less errors
  • E-commerce features to sell products online
  • No annoying advertising

Risk free

  • Reliable, time tested web server (testimonials on request)  

Save money

  • No webmaster needed - you are the webmaster!
  • No web designer needed, many designs to pick from
  • Put printed material online, save the cost of printing and mailing
  • Cut down on phone calls by posting hours, map, etc.


  • On-site web server is dedicated to our web sites
  • Spam protection
  • SSL encrypted connections for sensitive data

Excellent Support

  • Intuitive design tool minimizes need to call for help
  • Tutorials placed throughout for guidance (more coming!)
  • In-house American support team via e-mail or phone
  • Request for enhancements encouraged 
  • Ongoing additions of features and designs


  • Search engine tools
  • Optimization for searching
  • E-mail addresses with your company name in them

Online Sales Tools

  • Secure Shopping Cart with PayPal
  • More to come...  

Allows for Growth

  • Additional storage space available
  • New features and page designs added regularly
  • Tech department looking ahead at emerging technology  

Customer Interaction

  • Secure forms available like surveys, contests, subscriptions, etc. 
  • Business e-mail accounts you control (web-based, POP or SMTP) 

Sales Opportunity

  • Make money by selling dynamic websites!  Send us an e-mail if you are interested in getting into our growing business!