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Jump Web Spot . . .A website that you control

Want to feel like a tech guru?  Jump Web Spot is highly interactive, allows you to manage your own information, and be in control of your own website.   You can change your website at will with the same technology you already use in common word processing programs.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft products will be able to use this with ease.  You can make immediate changes without having to go through the waiting process of dealing with a tech department and you will be able to avoid maintenance fees and other fees for alterations to your site.  

Basic Package
  • $39.95 Plus  - One time set-up fee $599
  • $50 once a year domain name registration fee that we manage for you
  • Unlimited access to edit your website 24/7
  • Unlimited number of times you can change your website and changes take effect immediately
  • No need to load software
  • No need for extensive software knowledge
  • Edit-in-Place™ interactive pages
  • Easy to create Animate your Space™. . .Build your own animations, just drop and click!
  • Royalty Free photo library for your use
  • Easy to upload your own photos - automatically optimized 
  • Photo Manipulation (cropping, sizing, rotation, optimization)
  • Unlimited use of award winning designer's web page designs 
  • Design can be exchanged without effecting content
  • Build your own secure forms or upload your own PDF - forms, etc
  • Automatically builds a link to maps 
  • Spam protection - prevents spammers from finding your e-mail address
  • Website will grow with you
  • Search Engine Tools
  • E-commerce for 1-5 products compatible with PayPal, additional fee for more
  • Information won't be sold - Pop-up ad free
  • 1G memory or 25 pages
E-mail accounts
  • 10 e-mail accounts, additional fee for extra - Manage your own e-mail accounts
  • Spell checker
  • Check your e-mail from anywhere with our e-mail system 
  • Web mail access through Internet Explorer
  • Automatic e-mail forwarding to multiple e-mail addresses
Web Hosting
  • Professional Hosting
  • Custom Web address
  • Low cost and no hidden fees
  • Band width - Limits 250MB (more available) 
  • Quick start up time - New domains can usually start in less than 24 hours
  • Family-owned and operated - On site server insures privacy and security
  • All American Tech Support  - Secure Server
  • We take care of domain name management
  • $5 for 10 extra pages
  • $10 for 50 extra products