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Get Ready to Grow. . .Stop whining and start doing something to improve your new business flow!

Internal Marketing
Benefits:  Existing Market, Inexpensive
Implied Endorsement from your clients
It is necessary to stimulate referrals on a systematic regular basis if you want to have a consistent number of new clients flowing into your business.
  1. Give Gifts - they will tell friends and display them.
  2. Send Birthday Cards - no explanation necessary!  If you are in a service business. . .it is just thoughtful!
  3. Bundle two services together for the price of one and suggest that they share the 2nd with a friend.
  4. Create an event and give discount card invitations.  If they don't tell everyone this year. . .they will next year!
  5. Give your clients a gift certificate for services to take home with them to give to a friend.
  6. Give free product or services to a civic organization.  This will give you free exposure.  Get invited to speak to their members.
More to come. .

External Marketing